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John Mitchell’s life in the small Midwestern town of Mill City Wisconsin is about to change forever. The animals in his lab at the Neuro Science Research center suddenly die, he learns gut wrenching news about his wife of ten years and the most important meeting of his career gets canceled when his boss mysteriously disappears.

After accidentally injecting himself with a serum made from the instructions scribed on a seven-thousand-year-old artifact John discovers he has new abilities and new blood-chilling enemies. He and his wife Jenny are soon running for their lives from the terrifying figures that will stop at nothing to protect the serum’s seven-thousand-year-old secret and retrieve the artifact needed to finish their plans.

On the run and searching for answers they are thrown into a world of ancient secrets, esoteric mysteries and a clandestine underground race when they become trapped in a cavern deep under the ruins of ancient Babylon. As millions of people around the world suddenly begin disappearing they learn the horrific news of the inevitable extinction of the Human Race.


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S. E. MEYER has been studying ancient civilizations and religions from around the world for over ten years. He has a passion for stimulating conversation and debate within these topics. Hobbies include playing guitar and anything to do with the outdoors or gardening. He lives with his wife and two sons in the Chippewa Valley of western Wisconsin.




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  1. Crystal Clifton

    Where do you come up with your book ideas

    • I just have a very vivid and overactive imagination! 🙂 This series is close to my heart, between personal experience and the years of research this book just speaks to me and I have a serious passion for the story and the wealth of information held within. There is so much conflict, hate, fear and fighting over religion and really it is all for nothing because we all beleive the same thing when boiled down to the basics. The ideas around the world all come from the same stories that our ancient ancestors told 7000-10,000 years ago. It’s actually quite simplistic when you break it down and if everyone knew the truth all this fighting and arguing amongst ourselves and between over 100 differnet religions would just seem silly,
      On a side note, I have had and currently have several great ideas for new books that will also be coming out down the road. Both within this series as well as other standalone novels.

  2. Hi Mr. Meyer!! Would this book have a second a second part (book 2)?

    • Please see my comment below but yes! I am currently finishing ORIGINS II: The Crossing and have plans to write several more. ORIGINS III: Eden Rising will be coming after that. 🙂

  3. How much research did you have to do for this book? Will it be a series or a stand-alone?

    • Please see my comment below but yes! I did a lot of research fo this book. It took me years but I finally put it all together. The thing about my comment below that I forgot to mention is that while it may seem like a historical documentary type book, it’s actually a very exciting fictional novel. However,I injected a very large amount of true information into the novel in a Dan Brown sort of style so that the reader is learning all kinds of very neat and interesting/thought provoking facts while at the same time; just enjoying a great story. 🙂

  4. I can answer three questions in one! lol This book idea came to me after yars of reading and researching ancient civilizations as well as religions from around the world. It seemed quite amazing to me that they all told the same story and the most amazing thing was that the oldest writings on Earth told the exact same story as well. so I though hmmmm there’s a book here for sure. 🙂 On top of that there was so much information that people just don’t seem to know in the mainstream that totally contradicts current beleifs and I felt it was my duty and obligation to bring the truth to the masses. Not sure if I will acheive that goal but so far I am winning one book at a time. 🙂 Yes! There will definitely be a part two.(and 3 and 4) I am putting the finishing touches on ORIGINS II: The Crossing right now and I expect it to release in December.I plan to release another book in the series every 6-9 months thereafter. As far as research I had to do a TON of research for this book and series of books. I introduce new ideas subtley in the book but there are tons of them so it may not seem so but my book is a culmination of approx 100 books on ancient sumeria, mesopotamia, religion, god, creation and the afterlife. I hope this helps!!! 🙂 ~S.E. Meyer

  5. Thanks for having the giveaway.

  6. Congratulations to Kim and Myla, winners of the ORIGINS e-book giveaway promotion!!!!!

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