The Spiral Arm – Episode Two Review & Book 1 & 2 Giveaway

The Spiral Arm is a dystopian “serial” series brought to you in “episodes.” With the time that I DON’T have to read lately, I love them short and action packed. This serial series has all that and more. I am a huge fan of dystopian and a huge fan of cliffhangers (Warning: major cliffhangers), so I love them. It is just like a TV series in that  it leaves you wanting more. Although, it doesn’t come out weekly. I wish it did though. I do not do long reviews for second books, too many spoilers, but I will say a bit about it.

(My review for Episode One: )

Synopsis for Episode Two: Wren is in the most dangerous place imaginable – a training ship full of fledgling killers heading to a war-torn planet. She’s struggling to keep up, and the other cadets aren’t impressed. But Wren’s not done for yet. She’s a survivor and uses the one thing she’s got to even the odds – her super-smart brain. But will that be enough?

Episode Two starts off exactly where One left off. I don’t want to say what is happening because it will ruin for those that haven’t read the first. Let’s just say she is in serious trouble, being tormented by bullies. She is still aboard the training ship taking them to Kepler, and she is training along with her teammates to go off to war against an alien species that is unimaginable. She is the smallest and the weakest, but she discovers that sometimes that is an advantage during training. This episode is full of continued bullying, a bit of romance, much adventure, and another cliffhanger ending that will leave you having to scrape your jaw off the floor. I give this book 4 stars. It would be 5, but there were some grammatical errors. Regardless of that, the book was fantastic. It is a must read! 




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